Daniel Mariotti

1st REM cycle: Reflecting on Escape. Escape from what's holding me back. Escape to ? Somewhere other than here.
NonREM cycle: Snake skin. Seeing a Snake signifies hidden fears and worries that are threatening me. Skin on snake is protection from illness. Positively it means self renewal. 
2nd REM cycle: Parent stares at me as I go along this path of self destruction. Is extremely religious. I feel trapped, like a mental patient who has multiple personality disorder. Part of me wants to be myself, the other seeks the approval, support and respect of parent.
‚Äč3rd REM cycle: I feel alone in a sea of people, my job/things I do/beliefs don't bode well with the morals of religious people (parent?). I need to escape or need change to be happy.
They are ethereal properties of familiar objects. In dreaming we think little about the future, simply going along with the dream narrative with out question. The perception of a rational world is off-line. The characters in the dream represent feelings, beliefs, disconnected fragments of our personality, threatening emotional memories. Dreams appear irrational but only to the waking mind. The dreaming connections are not random. They are guided by the emotion of the dreamer. Dreams deal with daily events, but omit the event itself. Dreams often end with a projected direction, path or solution.
Songs used for photo dream composite:
Falling in reverse: raised by wolves
Chiodos: baby, you wouldn't last one minute on the creek
Underoath: too bright to see, to loud to hear
Every time i die: underwater bimbos from outer space
Afi: girls not grey
Seeed: wonderful life
Motionless in white: creatures

Sequence of dreams (night one)